Daniel Holgado Chacón

Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic

Daniel made a proposal to re-design the Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic web. Based on user-centered design principles, he re-structured the information and created a block-based web to simplify the navigation and make the offer more attractive.

About MMVV

The Mercat de la Musica Viva de Vic is a music festival located in Vic, a small town in Catalonia, Spain. Every year, it takes the city with diverse music proposals and also offers conferences, workshops and networking opportunities for professionals in the music industry.

Design challenges

The MMVV web has 2 separate sites for 2 audiences (casual and professional attendants) which felt unconnected. The information was repetitive, the web presented broken links, empty sections and some of then even required a login. The buying process was a major issue because it required to buy a ticket for every show.

The way the information was shown was another challenge, it felt unappealing. The festival has an important catalog of artist (+70), so it needed to be presented in a more impactful way. Also there was no visual coherence between sections.


The redesign was aimed to highlight the festival’s music offer (artist, dates, prices) and simplify the navigation and buying processes.

Research methods: Bench-marking, content audit, Information architecture, user interviews, persona, prototype testing, user journey, Heuristics


The information was restructured to prioritize the music offer. A block-based design was used to make the info more understandable. To make the web more attractive for users, Daniel proposed big pictures and a vivid color palette, and filters to manage the quantity of artists. Also the buying process change to day-ticket format.