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Martin Chambi Archive

The Martín Chambi Photographic Archive is responsible for the preservation and diffusion of Martín Chambi’s work, a peruvian photographer. Currently the Archive is managed by the heirs of Martín Chambi, who want to establish the Archive as a cultural institution a in Peru and Latin America. That is why the Archive needs a new visual identity which could show the values of the artist and adapt to different mediums.

chambi family

Martin Chambi is considered one of the most important Latin American photographers of the 20th century. His work not only stands out for its technical aspects (use of light and composition), but for its and historical and cultural values, because Chambi, of Andean origins, had as a task of life to show the world the greatness of its own culture.

Identity axes

The identity aims to reflect Martin Chambi’s work and thinking, his elaborated composition, his manage of light and his concern to show the culture of his people.


The main component of the identity, aim to hightlight the Andean culture and dignify it, showing always faces.


It uses Mrs Eaves, a font that gives us elegance and evoque respect and character due to the presence of ligadures. To express elegance, the identity also relies on big white spaces.


Gradients of grays to represent the idea of light.



The main texts should be composed simulating a photographic frame, en 3 or 4 lines. And it should be used with a photograph as a background whenever possible.


Using the identity axes, Daniel developed a book commemorating the 50 years of Martin Chambi’s exhibition at MoMa in New York.

martin Chambi book
libro chambi detalle


brochures chambi

Web and iPad Catalogue

Besides the web, a Catalogue was proposed to avoid excessive handling of negatives.